He came, he spoke, he’s gone…

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Obama’s recent mid-term election defeat and declining popularity polls indicate that the President has fallen a few pegs from his once lauded celebrity status back home. Media pundits paint a sombre picture of the man behind almost 2 hard years of presidency: Obama … Continue reading

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Fish & Chips the Aussie Way

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    We recently ventured down unda’ for the first time, travelling to the city of Perth on Australia’s sprawling west coast. The flight was a short 4-hour commute from Jakarta, but the difference in worlds here felt as if … Continue reading

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Everyone wants a piece of the “little Barry” story

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    Obama arrives in Jakarta today and the excitement around the city is palpable. As local media reports have been on the “Obama beat” since last week, a deluge of sensationalized stories have popped up in which local residents lay claim … Continue reading

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Welcome Barry!

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As an American citizen, I’ve heard Barack Obama called many nicknames: GoBama; Obiden; Bammy; Obama Osama; ObaMao—but I’ve never heard him referred to as “Barry.” Here in Indonesia, it’s “Barry Soetoro” to be exact. This name connects America’s 44th President to … Continue reading

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Look who’s 1 year old today…

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Happy Birthday Foreign Exposures! For no particular reason, I decided that today was the day to buy Foreign Exposures* its very own domain name. Upon doing so, I discovered that on this very same day last year, Foreign Exposures was … Continue reading

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Time Flies…

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It’s hard to believe that time passes by so quickly and yet so many significant events occur during these fleeting moments. I’ve been off the blogging scene for over a month now as I’ve juggled visitors, jobs, travel and the … Continue reading

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April Showers

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      I have been refraining from blogging recently, as doing so only cements the hard cold fact that…yes, my parents have left China. Yes, their much anticipated visit is finito. And yes, I’m left in a desolate apartment … Continue reading

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